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Frequenty Asked Questions

(Please read our White Paper for other questions)

  1. Why did you launch a smart fork instead of traditional fork?

    Our coin is a smart fork of Bitcoin, that does not blindly copy the entire bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, our blockchain is slim, clean and does not spread any offensive content from bitcoin. This means our blockchain, created as a result of smart fork, complies with laws such as Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA)
  2. Why doesn't your official pool charge a pool fee?

    In the interest of the community and in return for the strong support from the community, we are not charging a pool fee on our official mining pool at this time.
  3. I hate your website design. Can't you hire professionals to create a professional website?

    Are you selling website design services? :) Seriously, we cannot design something that makes everyone happy. If you are experiencing problems with functionality, please contact us. Our website is community oriented and as such, we have no ambitions to make it a Corporate website. We will not buy any website related services, if you are offering them. We are a team of seasoned professionals and we don't need to waste money on useless services to prove that.
  4. Why do you have pictures of female models on your website?

    Instead of using stock photos of random people or animals from suppliers such as Getty Images, we decided to arrange photoshoots of models and include those photos strategically on our website and social media channels. By doing that, we are spreading awareness about crypto industry to photographers, models and their friends. We pay a small amount in BCRM coins to the models. That way, we are sparking interest about crypto in the minds of more women. When there is a serious shortage of women in crypto industry, this is the least we can do. We will also create calendars and Meme contests (where users pick the best caption for a photo of a model) to grow our community. Professional models know how to pose and look friendly. This creates a warm friendly welcome for any brand.
  5. Why is your coin listed on small crypto Exchanges? Are these Exchanges scams?

    Just because a business is a small business, it is not necessarily a scam. A lot of people (hired by marketers) unscrupulously spread false rumors about competing Exchanges. If you have a hard evidence to prove that any of the Exchanges our coin is listed on is a scam, please contact us immediately. We research exchanges before applying for listing. Of course, we cannot guarantee that an Exchange is not a scam. This is why we ask our users to trade small quantities to be safe. Bitcoin RM was launched to empower Retail Merchants (RM stands for Retail Merchants). This means we are committed to helping people start small businesses and supporting small businesses. If we do not apply to list our coin with small crypto Exchanges (which are small businesses), how can we truthfully claim that we support small businesses? We are not opposed to getting listed by big Exchanges but those big Exchanges charge hefty listing fees! Please click 'Donate' button at the bottom of this page, if you want to donate bitcoin to our team. We will use this donation fund to pay listing fees of big Exchanges.
  6. Who are your investors and backers?

    We have no Venture Capitalists or other corporate investors. We have no advertising agencies, promoters or other service providers as our backers. We have no ICO or any fund raising. We rely on user community for support and backing.
  7. I am an investor interested in investing in your project. Are you open to that?

    We are listed on various Exchanges and you can buy our coin directly on those Exchanges. If you prefer to invest a large sum directly with us, please contact us directly. We are a 100% Proof-of-work coin with no masternodes or superblocks. Please realize that we are not a PoS coin and read our White Paper before contacting us about direct investing.

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