Bitcoin RM

The First Bitcoin Smart Fork

Power For Retail Merchants

Crypto Currency For Everyone

  • Bitcoin RM is the first Smart Fork of Bitcoin
  • The only coin launched specifically to empower Retail Merchants
  • 100% Proof of Work mining, 60 seconds average block time
  • 0.1% Premine and Dynamic mining rewards
  • The first bitcoin fork to use Equihash 144/5 for every block
  • The first coin to use LWMA2 difficulty adjustment for every block

(Symbol: BCRM)
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Model: Mao Hanada

About Bitcoin RM

Smart Fork, Symbol: BCRM

Every non-USA Bitcoin holder with atleast 0.001 BTC can file a claim for new coins. No need to divulge your Bitcoin private keys.

Empowering Retail Merchants

For Retail Merchants, those who want to start businesses and for those who support them. We believe in strong economies.

Mining Rewards cut every 2.7 years

Dynamic mining rewards that vary with time. Just 0.1% premine and 5% founders' reward if mining reward is at least 100 coins.

Ambitious Roadmap

Several milestones are planned: Affiliate System, RM Card, Payment Forwarder etc. For Retail Merchants and the entire user community.

Fork scheduled for August 2018

Snapshot date: around mid August. Fork is set to launch around last week of August.

Mine from Computer

ASIC resistant algorithm for better decentralization. Custom Equihash 144/5 proof-of-work algorithm. Anybody with Internet access can mine on a computer with GPU.

60 sec Block Interval

A new block can be mined every 60 seconds, instead of 10 minutes (Bitcoin default). This makes fast transactions possible.

Limited Coin Supply

Maximum coin supply is 1 Billion coins. All coins are mined with same algorithm.

Customized and Improved

Custom address prefixes. Custom port numbers and net magic numbers.

White Paper

Our White paper in:  English  Russian  Spanish  German  Portuguese  Indonesian  Chinese 
July 2018
  • Test Net for Internal use
  • Same algo as Main Net
  • Official Announcement
  • Begin Promoting
  • Build Community on Online Channels
August 20, 2018
  • Snapshot of Bitcoin
  • UTXOs of at least 0.001 BTC
  • Test Online Claim Process
  • Inform Claim Process
  • Final Testing of Mining
Main Net
August 30, 2018
  • Main Net for everyone
  • Equihash 144/5 with LWMA2
  • Internal Mining Up
  • 96hr Close Monitoring
  • Engage Community
Sep-Oct 2018
  • Begin accepting claims
  • Test Net for everyone
  • Apply to Exchanges
  • Attract Merchants
  • Begin work on Roadmap


Windows 64-bit

Windows 32-bit

Linux 64-bit

Mac OS

User Guide

Mining Guide

Team Members



Conceived and started the project



Conceived and started the project


Project Manager

Marcus is responsible for running the show



Lead Dev and Sys Admin for the team

Planned Roadmap

Aug 30 2018: Fork Launch

Launch mainnet. Begin accepting claims from Bitcoin holders. Advertising from Sponsors.

Dec 31 2018: Finish claims

Stop accepting claims. Start signing up merchants. Apply to list with Exchanges and form affiliate relationships.

May 15 2019: RM Card

Launch RM Card. Launch Payment Forwarder. Launch Affiliate System for merchants.

Jul 30 2019: Lightning

Implement Lightning Network. Partner with ATM vendors. Marketing to increase merchant signups.

Dec 31 2019: Atomic Swap

Test and implement Cross Chain Atomic Swap with Bitcoin and other popular Alt coins. Marketing for Instant Cashback System for merchants.

Jan 31 2020: Merchant Accounts

Launch complete Merchant Account package for retail merchants. It all essential services such RM Card, Affiliate System, Instant Cashback etc.

Mar 31 2020: Startup Fund

Launch Startup Support Fund to promote startup businesses. Provide capital and technical assistance to users with compelling business plans.

2018: Monitor Mining

Carefully monitor mining activities. Ensure that there is always sufficient mining activity to allow user transactions go through. Always provide a free miner to the community, free of Dev fee

2019: Mobile Wallets

Develop Mobile Wallets for Android and iPhone devices

And More

Please read White Paper for detailed roadmap planned for this and next year.

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