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Bitcoin RM (BCRM) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2018. RM stands for "Retail Merchants." Empowering Retail Merchants and people like you who support them is our main objective.

BCRM is a smart fork of Bitcoin, that does not blindly copy the entire bitcoin blockchain. You can mine BCRM coins using your computer with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) instead of expensive ASIC devices.

  • The first Bitcoin smart fork, traded under symbol: BCRM
  • The only cryptocurrency launched specifically to empower retail merchants
  • We support businesses because they create jobs and lift people up from poverty
  • 100% PoW (proof of work) coin. Dynamic mining rewards. 0.1% premine and 5% founder's reward. ASIC resistant custom Equihash 144/5 algorithm
  • Fast transactions because 60 sec average block interval (instead of Bitcoin's 10 minutes)
  • Maximum coin supply is 1 billion. All coins are mined with same algorithm
  • Custom address prefixes, port numbers and net magic numbers


We are an international team from multiple countries and backgrounds. Photographs are blurred to prevent online scams.


Conceived and started the project


Conceived and started the project

Project Manager

Responsible for running the show


Lead Dev and System Admin