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Volunteer Ambassadors Wanted
Contact Us If You Want To Be An Ambassador For These Countries

  • AfricaAmbassador Wanted
  • AustraliaAmbassador Wanted
  • BrazilAmbassador Wanted
  • CanadaAmbassador Wanted
  • EuropeAmbassador Wanted
  • IndiaAmbassador Wanted
  • JapanAmbassador Wanted
  • RussiaAmbassador Wanted
  • SingaporeAmbassador Wanted
  • UKAmbassador Wanted
  • USAJeremy Hirzel

All ambassadors are unpaid volunteers

Perks every Ambassador receives:

  • Region-specific website (such as that he/she can manage
  • Ambassador gets to listen to business in their region and secure discounted services from Bitcoin RM
  • Early access to all new features planned by Bitcoin RM Team
  • Ambassador gets to grow the community of Bitcoin RM Team on Discord, Twitter, Youtube etc.
  • PDF documents that can be used to grow community and build awareness among businesses
  • After 1 year, a certificate of appreciation along with 100 BCRM from the core developer

become a bcrm ambassadorbe a hero

Ambassadors help us connect with crypto lovers and local businesses in their respective countries. Help us reach out to merchants in your area. We will help your local merchants with website, marketing and online payments for digital products and service.